Aug 9 / JENNA

As a kid, roaming through a souvenir shop was never that fun for me. I couldn’t find my name printed on anything – no blinking keychains, no fake license plates, no pencils or pens. It was easy to find a Jenny, Jane, Jennifer, or Jackie. But never Jenna. I recall walking out of a store in tears saying, “This is not fair! I can never find my name on anything!” All I wanted was something with my name on it.

I’ve spent the last 10 years helping women look and feel their most beautiful, confident selves, achieve their beauty goals, and bring out their best features. Throughout those years my name has been printed in magazines, typed onto blogs, tweeted, retweeted and hashtagged. But today, my name has been realized in a different way. I received a message and photo from a close friend saying, “Look what was suggested to me when I was shopping for makeup! Clinique’s All About Shadow Quad in Jenna’s Essentials.”

Thank you, Clinique, for allowing me to create a palette for every woman, that I can call my own. Today, there are no tears, but there is one big smile on my face!

Jenna’s Essentials has arrived!



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