Jenna Menard, Trey Songz, Evyan Metzner


Jenna Menard, Lida Moore Musso, Meaghan Murphy, Larissa

Evyan Metzner, Jackie Risser, Jenna Menard

View from the roof of Hotel on Rivington

It’s not often that I take part in the NYC party scene, but this was one I could not pass up. SELF Magazine celebrated their music issue last night at Hotel on Rivington. I was there, have photos to prove it, and yes that is Trey Songz!

My first job with the magazine was a fitness story in Turks & Caicos with Lida Moore Musso and the most current shoot I did was the fashion story featured in the July issue with Evyan Metzner. Dewy Nicks captured some more than poppy images of one very gorgeous model, Eve and Trey Songz! I saw the story for the first time last night and it may just be one of my favorites.

I can’t even count how many shoots I have done with SELF, but I do know the people I have worked with at the magazine are special people who I can truly call friends. You can tell by the photos we actually do like each other…at least I hope you can tell!

Yet another perk of what I do as a makeup artist is have the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people. I travel and shoot with various crews, yet I am constantly trying to find a free night in my schedule to meet up with everyone just to hang out and catch up. I have been known to organize “reunion gatherings.”

Last night gave me the opportunity to have a quick visit with my SELF family. As I was bouncing around I realized again that I am lucky to have fallen into this career, meet the people I have met, and be creative all at the same time. Don’t plan on trading it in anytime soon.

Thank you SELF- I can’t wait for the next shoot and of course another party!



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  1. We are so incredibly lucky to have you my shoot sister!!! love ya!

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