For just about 35 years, my mother has made being a mother her number one priority in life. She has protected me from the second I was born and continues to do so no matter how old I am, what country I am in, where I am flying to or how long I will be gone.

All of her daughters are grown adults now, one is a mother herself. Throughout our lives she has protected us (sometimes overprotected us), but now I finally realize why.

Her words still run through my head as an adult traveling the world and living in New York City.
“Watch your back.”
“Keep your antennas up.”
“Never let your guard down.”

She says these things because she wants to protect me…forever. I will one day say these same things to my children to protect them. Being a mother is not an easy job and it is also one that never ends, no matter how old your children are. Thank you for protecting me mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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